A time to act, to listen, time to reflect, time to ask questions. And to ask them to those who have worked, in these months of lockdown due to the Coronavirus emergency, behind the scenes, with an open and sensitive spirit, aware of a responsibility that has allowed us to put everyone’s skills and abilities into play, in a new way.

The protagonists of these stories are the people who work and collaborate with TrentinoSalute4.0: researchers, technologists, computer scientists, project managers, office supervisors and project coordinators. We involved them in a conversation about the times we are living, to better explore their experiences. Because there are professionals who did not have the chance and did not want to stop, and we are talking about all health professionals, but also about those who work for knowledge. So yes, behind the scenes, but performing an essential task during this pandemic, and who deserve to be told to continue, in the future, paying the needed attention to the design of better health services that are closer to people.

So welcome to the TrentinoSalute4.0 podcast that tells who we are today and what we will do tomorrow.

EPISODE #0. The reason for these interviews (in Italian)

EPISODE #1: Stefano Forti, responsabile linea “Health and Wellbeing” e Unità eHealth di FBK

EPISODE #2: Andrea Nicolini, project manager TS4.0