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TreC+: the citizen’s medical records expanded with a new feature for patients with heart failure


Since the beginning of the year, some citizens using TreC + have seen a new heart-shaped icon appear on the platform’s main screen. It…

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EUVECA European project: first meeting with local stakeholders


A few days ago at Trento based Fondazione Franco Demarchi EUVECA is a European platform that aims for excellence in university, continuing…

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Managing anxiety with virtual reality. A research study with older patients kicks off


The goal is to test whether new technology-based therapies (virtual reality using an optical visor) can provide a more precise and personalized…

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Moms and digital media. The results of the questionnaire


How and what video content do future and new mothers like to watch? A questionnaire, designed by students of the Artigianelli Institute…

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Digital technologies for citizens’ health: more than 800 thousand euros for the “Digital health and artificial intelligence” project


The resources are allocated to FBK and Apss as part of the TrentinoSalute4.0 Center of Competence on Digital Health Care The Provincial…

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Explainable AI – why trust artificial intelligence algorithms?


If you had to decide whether to undergo treatment and a computer was there to advise you, would you trust it? To…

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“Mind the gap!”: having confidence in technologies is key


Mind the gap! is the famous expression that warns London travelers to remember the step (“gap“) between the car and the platform…

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Health, data processing and European regulations


An event on the safe and secure exchange, use and reuse of electronic health data held at FBK The “Digital Health –…

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Digital Health – The European Data Strategy: “Data Act & European Health Data Space”


What does the strategy entail and what impact will it have on the health industry? What benefits will the creation of a…

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TreC+: training meetings for residents


“TreC+: what it is, how to access it, services offered and future developments”: this is the title of the training course offered…