KRAKEN – Advanced control of data sharing

KRAKEN (BroKeRage and MArKet platform for pErsoNal data) is developing a trusted and secure personal data platform with state-of-the-art privacy aware analytics methods (with guarantees on metadata privacy, including query privacy).
The mission is to realize a trusted marketplace to share certified information between users and organization, leveraging on Distributed Ledger Technology, promoting the vision of Self Sovereign Identity, preserving security and privacy by design and creating an effective compliance framework to make the output compliant with EU regulations.
Protection of personal data that allows safe sharing and trading is a key issue in today’s digitalised world. However, there remains a gap as regards personal data safety in existing cloud-based platforms. The EU-funded KRAKEN project proposes a secure platform that fully preserves the privacy and self-sovereignty of personal data. The solution takes into consideration the performance of existing cloud-based personal data platforms to propose a pioneering approach as an alternative to conventional systems. KRAKEN provides innovating data sharing control based on advanced end-to-end encryption that prevents access to and modification of data. In addition, it uses sophisticated proxy cryptography designs that secure full data control.

Within the KRAKEN project, FBK will use its experience in defining interactive systems that include the use of personal data (such as health data) and which are addressed to different user profiles (patients, healthcare professionals, etc.). FBK will provide useful user-centered platform design tools to identify usage requirements, to define use scenarios, and the usability tests for the platform.

KRAKEN consists of a Consortium with 10 partners from 7 EU countries with different and complementary expertise. The KRAKEN team is integrated by academic and research profiles, industrial and legal profiles, leaders in latest technology and digital privacy.