Pilot study in the Province of Trento

BACKGROUND: Diabetes represents one of the most important chronic pathologies in the province of Trento by prevalence in the population and number of related complications. In Trentino there are about 28,000 diabetic patients (the prevalence is 5.0%, 92% of which are type 2 diabetes cases), whose ordinary hospitalization rate is particularly high, especially when compared to that of non-diabetic citizens (305 against 100 per 1,000 people per year), with strong consequences for the sustainability of the Provincial Health Care System (Osservatorio Arno Diabete in Trentino / Il profilo assistenziale della popolazione con diabete – Rapporto 2016, volume XXXI, Collana Rapporti Arno).

As regards gestational diabetes, the number of cases per year in the Province stands at around 250 women. It is a population of particular interest for the methods of taking charge and monitoring necessary for the management of diabetic pathology during pregnancy.

PURPOSE: To put into service a new organizational model for the management of patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus, supported by the TreC_Diabete platform and in compliance with the PDTA (Therapeutic and Assistance Diagnostic Paths).



Participants in the pilot study:

13 Diabetologits

5 Specialist doctors

18 Nurses

Project contact persons:

Diabetes Care Center – Operational Unit of Internal Medicine of the S. Chiara Hospital, Trento: Dr. Massimo Orrasch;

Diabetes Care Center – Pediatric – Baby Care Unit of the S. Chiara Hospital, Trento: Dr. Vittoria Cauvin

Women with gestational diabetes who participate / participated in the project (data updated to 7 July 2020):

CAD Cavalese: 2

CAD Trento: 32

CAD Tione: 3

CAD Rovereto: 14

the information and consent document to the use of the platform and to the processing of personal data for gestational diabetes (ITA)

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