ASTAHG – Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing

The overall objective is the innovation of Public Authority  policies dedicated to the population
active ageing in the Alpine Space, by improving the Public Authority capacity to coordinate
efforts from different sectors and at different levels, to respond with tailored initiatives to
alpine territorial needs. This requires a systematic transnational cooperation both at horizontal
level (policymakers of health, social care, transport, culture, tourism) and at vertical
level (regions, provinces, municipalities) with the involvement of the public and private sectors
(R&I, local communities, social business) in order to trigger the innovation focused on active
ageing, through actions tailored for the specific context but able to capitalize the strengths
available in the whole Alpine Space.


The project aims at:

  1. Better governance capacities of regional AHA policies, coordinating actions in different
    sectors with a strong geographic focus
  2. Easing the transferring of innovation and initiatives for AHA across the (AS/AAI/Active Ageing Index Home).
  3. Enabling social innovation framework for generating and adopting innovation for AHA
    involving public and private actors