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Early diagnosis of vision disorders in children: the first trial in Trentino is now open

22 April 2024

A healthcare teleconsultation project for the prevention of eye disorders in children. This is the main objective of the experimental project launched…

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AIRicercaTop newsTREC

Artificial intelligence and health data

4 April 2024

World Health Day will be celebrated on Sunday, April 7. One of the issues debated in recent years is the importance of…

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and the care of the future

22 October 2023

Medicine is one of the most dynamic and evolving disciplines of our time, influenced by the advent of technologies and new ways…

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Human and artificial intelligence true drivers of new medicine

25 September 2023

What are synthetic data produced by specific generative artificial intelligence algorithms and how are they used? Their study and use is of…

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Will radiologists be replaced by AI?

15 May 2023

“Replace the “I” with “innovation/integration” and replace the “A” with “augmentation/harmonization” (in Italian armonizzazione, ed.) – said Carlo Quattrocchi at the end…