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TreC+: the citizen’s medical records expanded with a new feature for patients with heart failure

12/02/2023 By

Since the beginning of the year, some citizens using TreC + have seen a new heart-shaped icon appear on the platform’s main screen. It is a feature that provides access to a remote telecontrol area dedicated to patients with heart failure. Complementing in-person visits, the feature allows physicians to prescribe tasks (such as measuring blood pressure, weight, performing physical activity, taking medications…) that the patient will perform autonomously for a given period of time and in direct connection with the Cardiology departments of the Trento and Rovereto Hospitals.This feature, which will be expanded in the coming months, is available only to some citizens selected by physicians, and will enhance the models for taking care of chronic patients in the local communities.

About half of the Trentino population over 18 years of age is connected to the health system through the TreC+ platform: a single digital access gateway (from web portal and mobile app) that allows citizens to easily and securely access (with SPID and CIE – Electronic Identity Card – credentials) their Health Records (FSE -Fascicolo Sanitario) and all digital services (which are continuously increasing) offered by the Trento Province Healthcare System.

Usage data indicate that as of December 2022, 260,000 users were accessing TreC+ through the web portal, and more than 105,000 had activated the mobile version ( TreC + App).In the same month, the platform recorded an average of 20,000 accesses per day by Trentino residents. The most used services were exam results consultation services (about 600 thousand) and prescription consultation (more than 700 thousand), although other services such as blood test scheduling (about 30 thousand in November) or administration appointment reservations (5,311) or doctor changes (2,584) are not negligible either.

Active features in TreC+ enable users to:

  • consult their Electronic Health Records (vaccination certificates, medical reports, blood test results, Covid19 test result, etc…)
  • manage report visibility and the rules for sharing their health documents
  • manage on behalf of third parties, through a proxy system, the TreC+ of another person cared for (including minors)
  • make appointments for specialist visits provided by the Trento Province Healthcare System
  • access virtual visits (if prescribed by the doctor) by connecting from the mobile application or from the web portal
  • access to drug prescriptions and electronic specialist prescriptions and download reminders
  • make blood and diagnostic test (“skip the line”) appointments
  • view the calendar with all appointments scheduled through the telephone and online CUP booking center
  • schedule other APSS services, such as appointments with the health records or prosthetic offices
  • see past payments, download receipts for services provided and pay with the PagoPA method
  • download vaccination records
  • change the family doctor or pediatrician without having to physically go to the offices
  • update their health profile (phr – Personal Health Records) by taking note of important health information, such as allergies, intolerances, illnesses, family illnesses, or add documents, and more
  • search pharmacies and parapharmacies in the Autonomous Province of Trento and navigate the map to view where they are located
  • search outpatient clinics and urgent care centers in the Autonomous Province of Trento and navigate the map
  • consult in real time emergency room waiting times  in Trentino hospitals
  • consult the frequently asked questions to clarify any issues and ask for assistance through the online form

The TreC+ project originated more than a decade ago in an experimental form from the collaboration between the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Trento Province Healthcare System and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK). From research, it turned into service provider for all Province residents in 2012. In 2019, through a Consip spa SGI (Tender Integrated Management Systems for PA) contract, technology upgrade and further development of the solution was started with the aim of bringing the TreC+ ecosystem to the public cloud with a microservices structured architecture. The platform was built to be integrable with the management systems in use at other regional healthcare agencies (CUP, ESF, payments, existing telemonitoring systems). As of today, in fact, the solution developed by APSS is also used in other healthcare settings (regional/provincial/ASLs and hospitals).

In short, TreC+ is an example of how in the Province the focus is on accessible and equitable health care at the click of a mouse, in which the citizen/patient is an informed and active actor in the management of his or her own health data and treatment history. A health care that is in step with the times, adapting and evolving, attentive to the well-being of people and the needs of health care providers.



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