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EUVECA European project: first meeting with local stakeholders

09/02/2023 By

A few days ago at Trento based Fondazione Franco Demarchi

EUVECA is a European platform that aims for excellence in university, continuing and professional education for healthcare professionals. The European project had been approved by the Provincial Council last summer with the aim of promoting training and the possibility of exchanging best practices with other countries. The overall budget saw European funding for a total of 3,557,775 euros, including 371,860 euros for the Trentino system divided into 209,420 euros for the Autonomous Province of Trento and 162,440 euros for Fondazione Bruno Kessler. In recent days, the Franco Demarchi Foundation hosted the first meeting dedicated to stakeholders in the field of training in the social and health sector. The event was sponsored by the project’s two local partners, the Department of Health and Social Policies with the Office of Innovation and Research responsible for managing European projects and the Personnel Simple Mission Unit of the Provincial Health Service Training and Relations with Universities, and by the Province’s Training Office responsible for university, continuing and professional education, in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler with the Digital Health & Wellbeing Center, Digital Health Research Unit.

The EUVECA European project deals with healthcare training, and intends to provide future-oriented knowledge and skills for healthcare workers such as communication skills, patient engagement, interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration, multidisciplinary skills, digital skills and innovation skills. The goal is to ensure coordination, adaptation, innovation and convergence within regional and provincial health education ecosystems, as well as to promote European mobility and collaboration among health professionals and students from participating regions.

The Autonomous Province of Trento, together with 18 partners from eight European countries, led by Southern Denmark, is to form a consortium to create seven regional centers of professional excellence in health care; in turn, the seven regional hubs  will connect to a European platform; for Italy, the hub will be developed precisely in Trento. 
During the meeting held at the Demarchi Foundation, enthusiasm and expressions of interest were gathered from all present for the establishment of this Hub for Educational Excellence in Health Care, which will interface with the continuing education portal www.ecmtrento.it. All the representatives of the Associations of health and social professions, the ECM providers, the directors of the University course in Medicine and Surgery, of the School of General Medicine, of the Health Professions Hub and of Trentino School of Management, as well as the coordinator of TrentinoSalute4.0 and the ProMIS contact person were present, together with the project contacts and the scientific managers of the Province and FBK.

As highlighted by Councillor for Health, Social Policies, Disability and Family, Stefania Segnana: “Training and the possibility of exchanging best practices with other countries represent an opportunity and a stimulus for the improvement of our health system and a necessary tool for the delivery of health services in accordance with the latest scientific and technological knowledge. The initiative contributes to the European skills agenda focused on digital and green skills that integrate the so-called ’21st century skills’ such as problem solving, teamwork, analytical and critical thinking.”

Source: PAT Press Office

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Marzia Lucianer: Marzia Lucianer, giornalista scientifica, responsabile Press Office and Digital Communication di TrentinoSalute4.0