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Moms and digital media. The results of the questionnaire

12/01/2023 By

How and what video content do future and new mothers like to watch? A questionnaire, designed by students of the Artigianelli Institute in Trento, has enabled the collection of more than 60 opinions on the topic of digital media that will help develop the content delivered by the TreC Mamma App.

The survey is the result of TrentinoSalute4.0‘s collaboration with students   from TAG -Trentino Alta Formazione Grafica of the Istituto Pavoniano Artigianelli- who were given the task of developing a new graphic version of the TreC Mamma App that will enable women (in pregnancy, but also in the months following childbirth) to increase the user experience through a participatory design process.

In addition to the graphic revision of the App, the project entrusted to the team composed of five youths (Stefano Eccel, Anahí Letizia Zendron, Andrea Paternolli, Joseph Andrea Janah, and Aurora Mattivi) also includes the development of informational content on proper nutrition during pregnancy, organized and structured in video format. The students, supervised by Marco Varrone, photographer and videomaker, will have to devote special attention in creating the images: they must not only provide the correct information, but create empathy, be informal, easy to understand and engaging.

As a first action, the TAG working  group thought about how they could identify the equirements for video content development. The fastest and easiest way was to create a questionnaire (through Google Form) that was then distributed online between November and December last year. Within a couple of months, more than 60 people (moms and dads) responded to the questions.

The results of the survey (we show them to you in this video) – within the questionnaire, data (e.g., women’s age, whether they have already had children, what apps they use, types and characteristics of videos watched, etc.) were collected in a totally anonymous manner – will now serve as guidelines for the creation of digital information content.

The students, supervised by tutors, teachers, health professionals from APSS and FBK researchers, worked following the logic of a real job order: they started from the analysis of the current application, sifted through the “competitors” on the market in terms of content organization, redefined the user experience of the App, mapped the features already present, redesigned the graphics. All of this, of course, with a view to a joint laboratory with citizens and thus with the active involvement of the App’s end users, pregnant women.

In the process of revising the app, different professionals are involved through questionnaires, interviews, meetings that have helped and will help the students to focus on the needs of mothers and health care providers. The aim of this is to develop some features that will create that engagement, that involvement of women (and men) that can support the device with a small community of connected citizens.

The TreC Mamma App is being developed in the computer labs of FBK’s Digital Health and Wellbeing Center and is currently being tested by more than 170 pregnant women in Trentino.

Once completed with this new content, the new TreC Mamma App will be tested by pregnant women to evaluate its effectiveness and worthiness of outcome through user response.

Project actors:

  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Research and School Innovation Unit and Digital Health & Wellbeing Center)
  • Trento Province Healthcare System (APSS)
  • Department of Health and Social Policies, Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Istituto Pavoniano Artigianelli per le Arti Grafiche

About the Author

Marzia Lucianer: Marzia Lucianer, giornalista scientifica, responsabile Press Office and Digital Communication di TrentinoSalute4.0