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Digital healthcare to support pregnant women

30/09/2022 By

Saturday, October 1, 2022Stefano Forti, director of FBK’s Digital Health and Wellbeing Center and member of the TrentinoSalute4.0 executive committee, will participate in the national congress of the Federation of Associations of Obstetrics related professions.

His talk will focus on the topic “Digital Health to support pregnant women”. Numerous scientific studies report the effectiveness of the use of digital technologies to support pregnant women both in the context of care and intake by health professionals and in the perspective of the empowerment of women and their families. The empowerment aspect becomes particularly important in the context of prevention and women’s behaviors related to mental well-being and the adoption of healthy lifestyles (e.g., diet and exercise that can mitigate excessive weight gain during pregnancy). Various scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of educational and behavioral interventions on lifestyles and psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioral interventions on mental well-being, which are largely based on a health care provider-based approach thus limiting the scalability of these interventions on a large scale. Digital technologies are gaining some interest in that they have the potential to help address these critical issues by allowing interventions to be automated to some extent which can thus be delivered with a lower loads for human resources, can be used by patients more flexibly (on anas needed basis, anywhere), and be interactive and personalized.

The short talk will address some of these issues, both in the current context (e.g., mobile app) and from a perspective of future developments (e.g., digital therapies, virtual reality), seeking to better understand whether and how digital technologies can provide support in obstetrics.

Link to the conference:

Conference abstract:

“Obstetrics-related professions are a strength for relaunching the health system”

The evolution of obstetrics related professions imposed by legislation and professional profile, together with emerging needs that the pandemic status has made more evident, impose an identity and organizational reflection that Fnopo wants to take on in order to ffer an innovative look at the health system.

The National Congress aims to offer food for thought and debate on some of the issues that we have perceived as particularly decisive for the future of our profession: how these challenges will be faced will have a burning impact on the health of women and children in our country and on the sustainability of the national health system. Too often in recent months there has been communication aimed at ‘homogenizing the health professions without recognizing the specificity and complementarity of each profession. In a system that could instead benefit, both in terms of availability of resources and appropriateness, of services, the enhancement of differences and the definitions of the proper areas of activity with a view to optimization and synergy of actions could make political action more incisive and close to the people by ensuring equity of access and opportunity. The experiences that will be presented are intended to offer those who will have to implement PNRR actions a concrete and integrated view of the feasibility of change.

Program for Saturday 1/10/2022 (download the program of the FNOPO conference)

12.30 p.m. DIGITAL INNOVATION – introduces Elio Lopresti

  • Digital Health to support pregnant women – Stefano Forti – Fondazione Bruno Kessler/TS4.0


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