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An international delegation is visiting FBK today to learn about the research conducted at the Foundation, in particular, that in digital health at the DH&W Center. Researcher Giuseppe Jurman, head of the Data Science for Health Unit, welcomed the delegation and introduced the guests to new technologies and scientific research excellence in the areas of Computer Science and AI techniques and methodologies for health and healthcare, as well as social and technological innovation.
The meeting also provided an opportunity to introduce the Foundation’s researchers to the German healthcare industry. In fact, in addition to promoting bilateral business meetings and cooperation, the purpose of the trip to Italy, which besides Trento included Florence, Siena, Bergamo, Milan, and will end tomorrow in Bolzano, is to present to Italian operators and research centers in this sector, technological and innovative products and services.

The 14th edition of the “ITALY – GERMANY business meetings for German entrepreneurs active in health technology is a project co-financed and promoted by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) in which 11 German SMEs are participating.
The delegation was accompanied by Judith Illerhaus, Germany Trade & Invest, representative of the Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection.
To give a fuller picture of FBK’s research activities, the German delegation was then taken on a guided tour of the Clean Room, the well-known clean room where highly integrated sensors and devices, products of research excellence and for industrial innovation are produced.

You can find the technical profiles of the German companies on the project’s official website www.germantech.org.

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