The international journal “Plos One” published the scientific paper on the experimentation of ophthalmology virtual visits in Trentino

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The study is the result of the collaboration between TrentinoSalute4.0 and the Ophthalmology Unit of the Rovereto Hospital (Trento).

Last September, the international journal PloS One, which has a strong relevance in biology and medicine and is part of the Public Library of Science (, published an experimental study coordinated by Dr. Federica Romanelli, director of the OU of Multizone Ophthalmology of the Rovereto and Trento Hospitals, which saw the participation of other ophthalmologists and orthoptists from the Rovereto hospital. The paper (authors Giulia Malfatti, Elisabetta Racano, Roberta Delle Site, Lorenzo Gios, Stefano Micocci, Marco Dianti, Pietro Benedetto Molini, Francesca Allegrini, Mariangela Ravagni, Monica Moz, Andrea Nicolini, Federica Romanelli) tells the evolution of an instrument which, for the first time in Italy, it has allowed citizens and health professionals to speed up and simplify eye examinations, especially since, due to the Covid pandemic, access to health facilities has become more difficult. The Rovereto Hospital Ophthalmology Unit with the support of TrentinoSalute4.0, and using the available technology, has developed a remote management model for non-emergency eye patients, which allows ophthalmologists and orthoptists to maintain continuity of care with their patients. Thanks to the TreC Oculistica App, patients can connect via chat with their doctor, perform eye tests before the televisit and send them as attachments. The orthoptists, doctors or healthcare professionals can thus telemonitor the patients and connect with them from the clinic remotely, without patients having to leave their homes.

The new approach was introduced to families of pediatric patients who helped healthcare professionals to test an innovative digital solution in the context of teleophthalmology and which represented the first experience in the Italian healthcare system landscape. This solution opens up new possibilities and scenarios that can prove to be effective not only during the pandemic, but also in the traditional management of public health services.

> Link to the paper”Enabling teleophthalmology during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Province of Trento, Italy: Design and implementation of a mHealth solution”

> Link to the video that shows how the department is organized and how virtual visits with the TreC Oc App work

Images captured in July 2020 at the Rovereto Hospital and at a patient’s home.

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