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An important neuro-oncological research project is underway

17/05/2021 By

An important neuro-oncological research project is underway

“An integrated approach to the planning of neurosurgery based on multimodal data”, this is the name of the project approved by the Trento Province Government, on the recommendation of councilor for health, social policies, disability and family Stefania Segnana, and funded for 356,000 euros.
The project intends to face an open and current challenge in the field of neuro-oncological research, i.e. the improvement of surgical planning, and of the technique and technology applied to the treatment of brain tumors with a view to personalization of treatment and “precision care “.
The treatment process of the neuro-oncological patient involves, in fact, multiple steps that require constant monitoring before, during and after surgery as it acts on an extremely complex, plastic and constantly evolving organ, the brain. Only an integrated approach that combines the analysis and interpretation of longitudinal data and the advancement of knowledge in neuroscience can lead to increased survival rates, reduce treatment risks and improve patients’ quality of life.

“A help to the ongoing challenge to fight tumors, in particular brain tumors that affect patients of all ages indiscriminately” – councilor Stefania Segnana said. “This is an extremely relevant research project for the Healthcare system that addresses the issue of surgical planning, technical and technological implementation in the treatment of cerebral gliomas. Support to research in the ongoing challenge of fight against tumors, and in particular against brain tumors that affect patients of all ages indiscriminately. We know how surgery in the early stages of this disease improves survival rates, and is essential for patients’ quality of life and access to follow-up treatment. For this reason, the Province decided to approve and financially support this important initiative in an already fertile environment in terms of clinical research that is also seeing the start of the project of the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Trento. An opportunity to promote and strengthen the integration of clinical research work in the Trento Province Healthcare system from a translational scientific perspective, which involves the main local stakeholders in neuroscience, and which is aimed at improving treatment options”.

The project has been positively evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Consortium for Health Research – CORIS, a consortium of which the Province is a partner, which operates in the public interest and is not for profit. It is coordinated by the Trento Province Healthcare System with the Operating Units of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neuroradiology and Anatomy, Histology and Cytopathology, and sees the participation of the University Hospital of Padua and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in close integration with the Center for Mind and Brain Sciences of the University of Trento.

(PAT press release signed by Arianna Tamburini)


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