TeSti: equipment delivered

15/02/2021 By

The TeStI project aims to enhance remote visiting by providing health professionals with additional and more detailed information on the health status of patients. In recent days, the instrumentation that will allow the experimentation to begin has arrived at Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

The devices, which will be delivered to a selected group of patients, will allow to record specific parameters and information that will provide hospital staff a more complete monitoring of patients, thus avoiding that they have to go to the ambulatory care clinics. Among the information that can be recorded are heart rate, lung and heart sounds, high resolution images of the throat and ear, and a one-lead electrocardiogram.

Story by Giulia Malfatti, project manager for the TeSti project


“Televisita in Trentino for frail patients” is one of the research projects supported by the Foundation for the Enhancement of Research in Trentino (VRT) for 2021. TeStl – remote visiting and innovative tools for better remote care in fragile patients”, coordinated by TrentinoSalute4.0 and whose head for FBK is Stefano Forti, director of the new” Digital health and Wellbeing “center. The objective of the TeStI project – Remote visiting and innovative tools for a better remote management of frail patients, is to enhance the effectiveness of virtual visits through the supply of a number of technology devices able to provide healthcare professionals with objective data on the patient’s health status.

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