TreC: the Protocol with Umbria

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It concerns the development of shared actions in the field of digital health and the use of the platform by the Region

TreC is a digital platform that allows Trentino residents to access online health services such as the Electronic Health Records as well as dematerialized health prescriptions, visit and exam appointments, Covid certificates and much more; it also offers access to remote visiting, telemedicine and telemonitoring services in an integrated way with healthcare systems and, in this emergency period, allows, where possible, to support remote care and management of patients directly in their homes.
The Memorandum of Understanding approved on February 12, 2021 by the Provincial Government, a collaboration between the Province and the Umbria Region in the field of digital health and telemedicine is being formalized: “The goal – explains Province Board councilor Stefania Segnana – is to share the skills developed and the technological and organizational solutions that we have put in place on this platform, which collects data on patients’ health. The TreC project has been active for over 10 years and has involved the Province Government, FBK and the Trento Province Healthcare System from the very beginning through TrentinoSalute4.0, the Competence Center on Digital Health. Our aim is to create a national community for the development of a shared solution in digital health, where models and tools can be developed and reused”.

For some years now, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces have been called upon to implement new technological-organizational models based also on digital health that allow equal access to the entire population, the development of local care, better management and care of chronic patients. The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated this process with the development of remote visiting and telemedicine solutions to promote the doctor-patient relationship even at distance and the required continuity of care.
Among the successful models recognized at national level, the Autonomous Province of Trento stands out in particular with the Trento Province Healthcare System and with the support of FBK and the TrentinoSalute4.0 Competence Center for the development of digital health that have started implementing a new health management model, supported by the TreC provincial digital health platform, aimed at putting the relationship between patient and health care operators/structures at the center thanks to the sharing of citizen data for the purpose of care, governance and research.
The Umbria Region, which in turn is committed to the implementation of a digital health model based on a system approach, has shown its interest in learning more about the Trentino model, with particular regard to the TreC platform, also with a view to reusing it. Hence the approval of a Memorandum of Understanding, which in fact is the formalization of a collaboration between the Province and the Region of Umbria in the field of digital health. Specifically, the primary intent is to make the solutions developed by the parties evolve in order to ensure economies of scale or scope, starting with the TreC platform.
The activation of specific common projects on issues considered as priorities such as the Electronic Health Records (FSE), Privacy, Telemedicine services, CUP (Appointment Scheduling Center, editor’s note) services and digital skills in Health, is expected.
The implementation of this Protocol will be ensured by an inter-institutional joint committee of which the representatives of the Province, the Healthcare System, Fondazione Bruno Kessler and TrentinoSalute4.0 will be members for Trentino.

(PAT press release signed by Arianna Tamburini)

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