TeSti: Remote visiting in Trentino for fragile patients

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Fondazione per la Valorizzazione della Ricerca Trentina (VRT) has included, among the projects funded in 2021, “Televisita in Trentino per i pazienti fragili. TeStl – remote visiting and innovative tools for better remote care of fragile patients”, coordinated by TrentinoSalute4.0 whose coordinator for FBK is Stefano Forti, director of the newly established Digital health and Wellbeing Center. TeStI’s goal is to strengthen the effectiveness of remote visiting through a number of tech tools capable of providing healthcare professionals objective data on the patient’s health and to expand the use of remote visiting, which allows Trentino residents to receive regular care also from home.

Please watch the interview (in Italian) with Giulia Malfatti, project manager for the TeSti project

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