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Good practices addressing seniors needs during the Covid19 emergency

02/09/2020 By

TrentinoSalute4.0 is participating in the ASTAHG project, coordinated by the project partner Area Science Park, which is collecting good practices in the field of Active and Healthy Aging (AHA).
The partners’ common objective is to organize a specific focus on the topic in the coming months covering, in particular, the Covid-19 emergency period.

The collection, which was structured through an online survey, stems from an initiative to which the Italian regional governments have been invited to contribute thanks to INAPP (National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies) and ProMIS (Programma Mattone Internazionale Salut), the Italian network that promotes the internationalization processes of the Italian regional health systems through the connection with European networks and institutions.

This initiative concerns the collection of best practices by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which will be described in a short roadmap document focusing on older people in emergency situations (with particular attention to actions implemented during the COVID-19 crisis).

For the purposes of the census, a questionnaire (available until October 15, 2020) was developed that allows to describe the actions implemented by regional governments in different sectors, such as aid for primary needs/ essential activities (e.g. home delivery of groceries, pension, purchase of medicines, home delivery of medicines, bill payments, …), social, health, long-term support (eg tests, drugs,…), civic engagement and social participation, maintaining an independent life, physical, mental well-being, communication, information and information and communication technologies, housing, outdoor spaces and enabling environment, culture and tourism, mobility and transportation, the safety and protection of the elderly.

The Autonomous Province of Trento, during the last online meeting of the Project Steering Group held on June 16, 2020, illustrated to the ASTAHG consortium four initiatives dedicated to the elderly. Among these, TreCovid19, the app developed to inform people about the pandemic outbreak and monitor patients affected by Covid-19 and quarantined at home, and TreC_Televisita, the telemedicine tool that allows healthcare professionals toprovide remote quality assistance to Trentino residents. Both TreCovid19 and TreC_Televisita are fully integrated into TreC, the digital healthcare ecosystem implemented in Trentino, and developed with the support of TrentinoSalute4.0.

Thanks to the synergy with ProMIS and INAPP, the ASTAHG project will have the opportunity to throroughly examine the data collected so far by UNECE through the questionnaire that will expand the information on the actions aimed at the elderly that the different European countries fielded.

The survey, in English, is available until October 15, 2020, at the following link:


The ASTAHG (Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Aging) project aims to improve governance capabilities on regional policies for healthy and active aging (AHA) and to facilitate the transfer of innovation and initiatives across the Alpine area..

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