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Managing our health thanks to the TreC_FSE App is getting easier and easier

05/08/2020 By

Over 110 thousand Trentino residents access TreC. The TreC_FSE application aims to increase the number of users

Launched in the summer of 2018, the TreC_FSE application was successful among users who downloaded it. “But we want to do even better” – the councilor for health of the Autonomous Province of Trento explained. Thanks to TrentinoSalute4.0, the App now offers Trentino residents important new features. In addition to accessing their Electronic Health Records to view medical reports, drug prescriptions and specialist referrals from their smartphones or tablets, as of today it will be even easier to make an appointment for a doctors visit or for blood tests and to use the online services offered by the PTrento Province Healthcare System.

All your health in one application! This is the motto that introduces the TreC _FSE App, which has now been improved with new features for all adult Province of Trento residents.

Thanks to the App’s new features, they will be able to:

  • launch the App with biometric data: to further facilitate access to the application, a digital fingerprint or face recognition can be used instead of the PIN;
  • make an appointment for a  specialist visit: users can make appointments for the services provided by the Trento Province Health Department (no private practice visits), starting from an electronic prescription already present in the system, or by entering the prescription number printed on the reminder themselves;
  • book other services: users can book other APSS services, such as blood tests, an appointment with the health records or the prosthetics offices;
  • view active appointments: allows users to see all the appointments that they have scheduled through CUP, the Healthcare System calling center (scheduled with the TreC_FSE App or through CUP by phone or online);
  • manage the visibility of their reports: it will be possible to decide who, among the health personnel, can view a certain report;
  • manage other TreCs (for example children’s accounts): users will be able to share their TreC accounts with other users of the application and access the TreC accounts of those who have granted them authorization from their own App.

The TreC_FSE App was developed by the Trento Province Healthcare System and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, as a joint project of TrentinoSalute4.0, in agreement with the Health and Social Policies Department of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

“This is a further step forward for the Trentino region Healthcare System, which, thanks to the joint work among several Province-based organizations, has managed to implement an innovative tool, usable by all citizens, unique in the national landscape” -the councilor stressed. In fact, the new features of the TreC _FSE App will allow us to further reduce travel to make appointments for medical visits and exams, pick up reports, have fewer lines at the counters, save paper, manage the health records of our children or loved ones, and in general, to make life easier for citizens”.

“More and more citizens use smartphones and tablets – Pier Paolo Benetollo, acting general manager of Apss, pointed out – to access the Internet and use online services quickly, preferring mobile applications to computer access. The use of technologies improves accessibility to health services with minimal costs for citizens, especially in terms of time. For this reason, Apss, in agreement with Pat and FBK, has invested in the implementation of online services that could make the lives of citizens easier while ensuring the security of health data and transactions. We are firmly convinced that the future of healthcare will be increasingly digital and we want to continue looking for new solutions to support professionals and patients”.

“Mobile phones are now objects that everyone has at hand, even seniors, who use them with ease. In 2018, we started from this evidence” – Diego Conforti, director of the Innovation and Research Office of the Health and Social Policies Department of the Pat, explained – “and, thanks to TrentinoSalute4.0, we decided to implement the mobile version of the TreC service with the goal of expanding the number of users. Since 2018, over 16 thousand people have installed the TreC _FSE App. We aim to offer more and more opportunities that meet the needs of the population, especially in these months of Coronavirus emergency that do not allow access to offices and services in the same way as before. The joint action of Pat, APSS and FBK, thanks to TS4.0, focuses precisely on the ability to bring research and development into the health sector, transferring innovation to the local area”.

“Over the years, FBK, in close cooperation with APSS health professionals” – Stefano Forti, head of the Health and wellbeing area of Fondazione Bruno Kessler explained – “has kept testing new features of the TreC platform, such as monitoring of chronic patients. The Coronavirus emergency has accelerated the activities and allowed us to gather the urgent needs coming from health professionals, such as virtual visits, and to bring very interesting results that will be integrated into the TreC_FSE app in the coming months”.

Some figures

Trentino residents currently registered with TreC are over 110 thousand (about 20% of entitled residents). The data – available on the website – show more than 3500 payments and 10 thousand changes of general practitioner made.47,782 CUP appointments, in the current year, made online.

Some History

The “beta” version of the App was launched on an experimental basis on the occasion of the “Trento smart city week” in April 2018 and, after a few months of tests and improvements, it was made available on the App store and Google Play for residents who have enabled access to TreC for their health cards.

Now the App has been enriched with further functions, in line with the web versions of the TreC platform. Therefore, users can now “interact” with the Trento Province Healthcare System for each request: make appointments for specialist visits, view appointments on their personal mobile calendar, make appointments for blood tests, view the health records of their children or parents, and much more.

How to update or activate the TreC_FSE App

  1. For users who have already installed TreC_FSE on their mobile phone or tablet, just enter the store (Apple or Google) and install the update;
  2. for users who have not yet installed the App, but have already SPID credentials or who have activated their health cards, they can download and activate the app on their own by accessing the TreC platform (;
  3. Citizens who have not yet activated their health card or SPID must follow the instructions on the Trento Province portal for online services for citizens (
    • to activate the Card and obtain the activation sheet for the TreC_FSE app, please follow the procedure shown therein;
    • to request the SPID  credentials  and access the TreC platformon your own From here it is necessary to click on the “Activate TreC_FSE app“; button and follow the procedure indicated on the screen.

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About the Author

Marzia Lucianer: Marzia Lucianer, giornalista scientifica, responsabile Press Office and Digital Communication di TrentinoSalute4.0