TreC_Cardiology: the testing goes on

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Three months into the development and testing within TrentinoSalute4.0 of the new TreC_Cardiology system, co-funded by Fondazione VRT.

The system allows cardiology physicians and nurses in the Province of Trento to monitor and communicate remotely with their patients, without the need for them to go to the hospital. TreC_Cardiologia consists of a mobile application for the patient and a web dashboard for the doctor.

Information on the patient’s health status, symptoms and therapy can be shared with the doctor by completing a health journal. Doctor-patient communication can take place both through chat and through the virtual visit function. Designed for the treatment of cardiology patients, TreC _Cardiologia will be integrated with new functions in the coming months, with the aim of becoming a digital solution for monitoring heart failure, and more. A new and innovative solution for the management of chronic heart disease.

About the Author

Marzia Lucianer: Marzia Lucianer, giornalista scientifica, responsabile Press Office and Digital Communication di TrentinoSalute4.0