Storie di virus e conoscenza. The TS4.0 podcasts are online now

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17 video and audio stories of the digital transformation underway and how this revolution has created and will create value for people’s health, during and after the Covid emergency have been posted on our portal and on social networks.

The authors worked behind the scenes, with an open and sensitive spirit, being aware of a responsibility that allowed them to bring everyone’s skills and abilities into play, in a new way. Starting today, and throughout the month of July, 17 episodes to tell the work of TrentinoSalute4.0 during the lockdown due to the Coronavirus emergency. Listeners will be able to hear the most interesting and innovative stories of the digital transformation from the protagonists, retrace the challenges they faced and learn about the decisive factors to win them. They are the people who work and collaborate with TS4.0: researchers, technologists, IT specialists, project managers, project and office managers and coordinators. We engaged them in a conversation about the times we lived, to better explore the experience of each of them. Because there are professionals who did not have the chance and did not want to stop, and we are talking about all health professionals, but also about those who work for knowledge.

And, behind the scenes, they carried out an essential task during this pandemic, and their work deserves to be told to continue, in the future, paying the needed attention to the design of better health services that are closer to people.

A free podcast, capable of telling innovation and sustainability in a simple way, without trivializing them. The video interviews, also available in audio format on   Spreaker and Spotify, were produced remotely in April. “It was in this time window that we needed to listen, reflect and act quickly” – said one of the protagonists.  “Fortunately, we were ready both from a technology tools, and from the ICT industry stnadpoints, which allowed us not to stop and, actually, to seize the opportunity and push on the accelerator instead”. “It was not always easy” – admits a mother – “balancing work and family, especially with children at home and without the help of grandparents. But we got organized, each with its own physical space, setting up temporary workstations in the kitchen and setting up video conferences and phone calls”. “It was fun to “get into” my colleagues’ homes” – Paolo said. “I missed spending time in the office with colleagues” – someone else said – “but contacts were so frequent that it was like being all in the same virtual office”.

Stories of everyday life, but also of the evolution of health services in the name of enabling technologies, new organizational models, widespread digital skills. In a word: digital transformation, needed now more than ever in the health sector in the emergency phase, as long as it is combined with innovation, sustainability and clear strategies.

Coming up on Wednesday, July 1, with interviews with two TS4.0 board members, Stefano Forti, head of FBK’s high-impact line “Health and Wellbeing”, and Andrea Nicolini, project manager. The podcasts will be released every two-three days, so as to keep us company during the summer.

The videos will be available on the “Storie di virus e conoscenza” web page as well as on the TrentinoSalute4.0 social network channels (TwitterFacebookYoutubeSpreaker and Spotify).


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Marzia Lucianer: Marzia Lucianer, giornalista scientifica, responsabile Press Office and Digital Communication di TrentinoSalute4.0