“Televisita”: the project to enable remote medical visits has been launched

26/05/2020 By

A project that will allow Trentino residents to use the TreC_Televisita app for free and to receive medical care remotely is being tested.

In the video, Giulia Malfatti, project manager for the “Televisita” project, presents the planning activities carried out during the first month at  TrentinoSalute4.0 and implemented by the Trento Province Healthcare System (APSS).

TreC_ Televisita, which aims to support clinical practice, will be carried out as part of a project co-funded by the Trentino Research Valorization Foundation (VRT) , from April 2020 and for the next six months.The technology-based solution, conceived and developed within TrentinoSalute4.0, will allow, both in this coronavirus emergency, and later in a more widespread and structured way throughout Trentino, to manage outpatient visits for some conditions (chronic diseases, but not only) remotely, continuing to offer the best possible care to patients and at the same time reducing travel and the risk of infection. While aiming at optimizing health resources and empowering the citizen-patient, in partnership with the Rovereto Neocogita company , the project will also look at the validation of a new technology for vital parameters monitoring through facial blood flow analysis thanks to modern deep learninganalysis techniques.

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