TreCovid19. New features in the App for Trentino residents developed by TrentinoSalute4.0, competence center made up by PAT, APSS and FBK

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Now available for mobiles phones and tablets on Apple and Google stores and integrated with new functions and services. It is the “TreCovid19” App, the tool that gathers the official information on the Covid-19 emergency in Trentino in a single container and now provides support to health workers and citizens with the monitoring of the symptoms of the disease.

From information to health monitoring. An evolution of the TreCovid19 application that offers Trentino residents who are at home in isolation one more tool to interact with health professionals in charge of daily monitoring.

In fact, for a couple of weeks now, symptoms can also be monitored via an application for mobile phones and tablets developed by TrentinoSalute4.0, the working group that includes the staff of the Trento Province Healthcare System (APSS), the Trento Province Government, and Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

The TreCovid19 App is an easy-to-use self-assessment support tool for patients with mild forms of the disease. Where infected people are able to self-measure fever, cough, blood pressure, pain and other symptoms, the tool allows doctors and healthcare operators to remotely verify the parameters entered by users.

“There are more than eighty healthcare workers who, throughout the province every day, twice a day, from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening, call the approximately 2700 people who are in isolation at home, to verify their health conditions” Renata Brolis, nurse coordinator for primary care at the Trento Province Healthcare System – explained. A total of 5,400 calls per day, around 60 for each healthcare professional. “The length of the calls varies, but sometimes they take us over 20 minutes as there is a need to dedicate more attention to people in distress and to be reassuring, especially with the elderly” – says a nurse working for the Covid19 Assistance service of the primary care area of Trento.

How does monitoring through TreCovid19 work? When the App has been “prescribed”, operators no longer have to call the person on the phone to check the progress of the disease. Twice a day, authorized users, or their caregivers, access the reserved area (“Il mio assistente”) and answer the questions of the chatbot that navigates them (also with the help of video tutorials) through the recording of parameters. The App is connected to the “@Home” platform already in use by the APSS Primary Care Area and from which doctors and assistants can monitor the progress of the disease. The system helps citizens, but also health professionals who monitor the symptoms remotely and act only if the system records incorrect values, thus being able to devote more attention to people who require higher attention.

“Not all people we monitor daily need close monitoring. When symptoms are improving or are not worrysome, our staff contact the patients and suggest that they use the TreCovid19 application for self monitoring” – Dr. Simona Sforzin, director of the APSS primary care area, explained. “If they accept, we help them with the installation and show them how to use it, we instruct them on how to measure the parameters to be entered and how many times. People are thus empowered and this is an advantage for everyone, as TreCovid19 works alongside health providers, who in these times are overburdened, and acts as a filter, taking some work off from them”.

When the cases were limited, the collection of data via telephone was effective, but with the increase of those at home, this technology makes a valuable contribution to data collection and provides an effective and lasting response to the emergency. The patients accepting to use TreCovid19 must carefully check and enter every day some data, such as number of breaths per minute, temperature, pain level, sense of fatigue, cough, minimum and maximum blood pressure numbers. If the system detects incorrect or high values, it automatically sends an alert to the operator via the @Home platform.

In total, about forty patients have tested it in recent weeks, but it will soon be extended to other cases. “The patients felt comfortable using it” – says Ettore Turra, director of the APSS Technology Department. “It is an App that directly connects the information they enter to the IT platform used by healthcare professionals. It is remarkable help for disease monitoring.”

TreCovid19 has been available to all Trentino residents since the early days of the emergency when it was designed to provide reliable and certified information on the infection and the disease, and a single container for all the services that the Province had set up to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. With the worsening of the epidemic and therefore with the increase in the number of patients being monitored at home, its functions were expanded. At a time when healthcare providers are engaged in the emergency, the interdisciplinary working group of TrentinoSalute4.0 has focused on the App to meet this need.


The TreCovid19 App is available on the App store and on Google Play as well as at

The App also contains the information published on the Province Government website page dedicated to the coronavirus emergency created by the press office.

TreCovid19 is a TrentinoSalute4.0 project stemmed from the close collaboration between the Autonomous Province of Trento, APSS and Fondazione Bruno Kessler.


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