A big treasure hunt with ENAS delegates and our GeoTrec app

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At the starting line-up a big treasure hunt with delegates from ENAS, the European Network of Academic Sports Services, gathered for the first time in Trento on the occasion of the association’s annual Forum, this year dedicated to digital innovation in sports.

The over 82 participants registered for the hunt and were divided into teams The experts from ENAS, a network of more than 120 universities and sports organizations from 21 countries across the continent, which aims to promote sports and physical activity at university level, will challenge each other today at 4:00 pm, starting from Piazza Duomo. The challenge? Walk through the streets of the Trento city centerand find as many geocaches as possible in max one and a half hours.

To do this, they must first install the GeoTreC App, developed by FBK, at the Sports Festival, enable GPS and decide on the best route to find the clues (geocaches) displayed on their mobile’s map.

The awarding of the winning team will be held at the Gran Hotel Trento tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 7.

Below is the press release of the University of Trento on this  initiative.

Three parallel events hosted by the University show Trento at the heart of the debate on dual career, digital innovation in sports and coach training. During these days, the University will see the meetings of ENAS, the academic network for university sports, the Unisport Italia network and the group of experts of the European Commission on sports. An interview and in-depth analysis session has been scheduled for 12:00 p.m. in the President’s Office

Trento, November 4, 2019 – (a.S.) A week to discuss digital innovation applied to sports, double career, sports services and activities in universities and requirements for coach training. During these days, the University of Trento will be the European protagonist of the debate on university sports with three parallel events. From today until Friday the University will be hosting the experts of the ENAS association, the European Network of Academic Sports Services. A network of over 120 universities and sports organizations from 21 countries across the continent, which aims to promote sports and physical activity in colleges. The network’s initiatives aim to promote physical activity on campuses and university areas and to support sports and professional training at an academic level. In Trento, they will talk about digital innovation in sports.
Tomorrow, the University will also host the general meeting of the Unisport Italia network, which will bring together its 41 delegates in the Conference Room of the Department of Economics 2 p.m. to discuss the potential of university sports as an effective and cross-discipline tool for training, research, innovation and well-being. Representatives of CONI, CNSU, CUSI, CRUI, Sport e Salute Spa, MIUR, the Ministry of sports, ENAS and EAS were also invited to the meeting.
During theses days as well, the group of experts on sports development of the European Commission (Expert Group on Skills and Human Resources Development in Sport) will be a guest of the University of Trento. The purpose of the meeting is to draw up the guidelines for interventions in the field of sports and universities on: coach training, development of soft skills through sports, titles in the sports career and double career of athletes.
For further details and interviews covering the three meetings, a session has been scheduled for the media tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5 at 12.00 p.m., upon arrangements with the UniTrento Press Office.

See below a description of the three ongoing meetings.

Digital innovation in sports: the ENAS 2019 Forum in Trento
The Enas network was founded in 1997 in Chambéry, France and is currently based in the prestigious House of Sport in Brussels, an office in the heart of Europe’s capital that hosts over 20 organizations dealing with sports. For the first time, a meeting is being hosted by the University of Trento, and not by chance. The University of Trento has been a member of ENAS for a long time and is a recognized sporting academic excellence in Italy. In particular, it is at the forefront nationwide in the field of dual careers, as for some time it has provided support services and tutors for high-level athletes who wish to combine their academic and sporting careers. A tangible support also thanks to digital tools and the dense network of international relations that the University has cultivated over the years.
Every year, ENAS organizes a discussion event where members exchange views on a strategic topic. In the Trento edition, we will talk about digital innovation, a topic discussed in many areas including the world of sports. Just think of performance monitoring apps or e-sports, i.e. electronic games and sports competitions. They are all areas that need to be explored in depth, especially in the university field. Starting from here, we will later widen our scope to include new digital technologies, responsible for big transformations also in the world of academic education nowadays. Digitization also offers new opportunities to monitor, communicate and encourage participation in sports activities. For this reason, the 2019 ENAS Forum will focus on exploring some of the challenges and opportunities in this sector, including the development of technologies for sports activities and the digitization of university infrastructures.

Unisport Italia
Over 40 Italian universities working together to enhance the potential of college sports as an effective and cross-disciplinary tool for training, research, innovation and improvement of the well-being and of the college experience in general. The Unisport Italia network is all this: established in December last year, it has already been a point of reference for the other institutional and private subjects in the sports sector – CONI, CUSI, MIUR, Sport & Salute Spa, CNSU, Sports Office of the Prime Minister’s Office, businesses in the industry – on topics of common interest of the national university system.
The network is mainly interested in supporting the double career of student-athletes, fundraising for research projects, the use of sports for innovative training methods, the development of start-ups in the industry and collaborations with the market.
The Coordination Committee, which is engaged in guidance and activity monitoring, is composed of members from various Italian universities and is chaired for the first three years by Professor Paolo Bouquet from the University of Trento. The Coordination Committee is supported by five working groups that work on issues and projects that involve different areas: Regulatory models and university sport management; Balancing study and competitive sporting activity; Sports for everyone in college (recreational sports activities, active lifestyles); Collection and analysis of common data on sports for the university system; Showcase of university sports education, research and innovation projects.

The European Commission working on coach competences
Another exceptional circumstance in sports and planning: these days, the University of Trento is hosting the meeting of the group of experts on sport development of the European Commission (Expert Group on Skills and Human Resources Development in Sport) which meet twice a year. The group was established in 2017 as part of the 2014-2020 European Workplan for Sports. The participants who will be in Trento today and tomorrow for the fifth edition of the meeting come from various countries across the European Union. Their task is to bring proposals, suggestions and expertise to the European Commission for sports decisions. The main topics of discussion in the meeting at the University of Trento are instructor training, the development of soft skills through sport, sports career titles, the double career of athletes. The final goal is the drafting of a document that contains the guidelines on the basic skills and competences requirements for instructors.

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