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A more efficient health system, capable of providing targeted services and putting the citizen-patient at the center, can only be built through the digital transformation, capable of making access to health services an easy and straightforward experience. The experience of the Trento Province Healthcare System (APSS) could not be missing at Trento Smart City Week, the event dedicated to “citizens in the digital age”: a journey to discover the innovative services and projects of today and tomorrow, to get to know them as opportunities but also as responsibility. APSS will be present with a stand at the Digital Village in Piazza Duomo Friday, September 20 through Sunday, September 22 to illustrate the Proton therapy Center, thanks also to the suggestions of virtual reality and to help citizens install health Apps. There is also space for the new site dedicated to vaccinations www.vaccinarsintrentino.org, the “local” version of the national portal. There will be opportunities for in-depth analysis to talk with experts in digital health and online services. It will also be possible to visit the Proton Therapy Center, the highly specialized structure for the treatment of cancer through radiation.

Saturday 21, from 9 am to 1 pm, the staff of the Proton therapy Center will take visitors on tours of the gantry rooms, dedicated to the treatment of cancer patients, of the areas that host the cyclotron, the huge system that transports and releases the proton beam, and of the experimental room dedicated to research. The visits, which must be reserved on the Trento Smart City website, will be organized in 15-visitor groups every hour. A shuttle bus service will be available between the Center and the Digital Village (meeting point at the Info Point in Piazza Duomo).

Another opportunity to get to know the activities of the Center up close will be on Friday afternoon at 4.30 pm at the Digital Village: a radiotherapist and a medical physicist will take visitors on a fascinating journey that, starting from virtual reality, will explore the intersection between high technology, science and medicine, to reach the final goal: the benefit of the patient. The Apss stand will offer information on the activity carried out by the Center and the chance to take a virtual visit of the structure thanks to ProtonVR viewers.

Trento Smart City cannot miss the Apps dedicated to health, created in collaboration with TrentinoSalute4.0, the competence center for digital health. During the event, adults residing in Trentino, will be able to download Salute+, the App that promotes healthy lifestyles through an incentive system and activate, with their SPID (Public Digital Identity System) credentials, the new TreC_FSE, which allows users to access their medical records and thus have drug prescriptions, specialist referrals and medical reports on their smartphones. Health Apps will also be discussed with experts, offering the opportunity to draw the lines of the healthcare of the future: new technologies and artificial intelligence will shape the healthcare of tomorrow by supporting new models of care for chronic patients at their homes (see the @Home project) and helping citizens to better manage their health and lifestyle.

The new portal dedicated to vaccinations www.vaccinarsintrentino.org  set up by the Apss Prevention Department in collaboration with the Italian Hygiene Society will also be presented at the APSS stand, for correct information and a responnsible approach to vaccinations.

Info and Trento Smart City Week program: https://2019.smartcityweek.it/ Reservations
for visits to the Proton therapy Center: https://bit.ly/2lYEEYm