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The second edition of the “Impronte” project involved the “G. Bresadola” Middle School in Trento, in collaboration with the Kaleidoscopio social cooperative, which joined the initiative as it is consistent with its mission to encourage aging active and more generally behaviors that trigger socially virtuous mechanisms. The pilot study “Footprints with the school” is the follow-up of a study carried out in 2017, the “Impronte” project, which aimed to promote active aging through an activity based on outdoor exercise with the use of ICT technologies and games, specifically the “technological” treasure hunt (geocaching), complete with historical, cultural, social, narrative aspects. The successful results of the first trial led to the idea of proposing a second pilot study involving a school based in Trentino. The main goals are having seniors do physical activity and meeting the younger generations, favoring mutual knowledge and in particular the exchange of knowledge and skills between seniors and students, who are daily digita users. Also this time, the activity was supported by physical activity tracking technologies (pedometer bracelet and smartphone) and applied gamification concepts to the promotion of a more active lifestyle for all participants, who, through the game, feel more involved in the activities included the project.

Specific goals:

  • Encourage physical activity (in the elderly and in kids)
  • Facilitate sociality and active citizenship (between peers and between different generations)
  • Promote the correct use of technologies (between peers and between different generations)
  • Facilitate mental exercise
  • Encourage storytelling and sharing
  • Encourage learning (history, geography, literature, traditions, etc.)
  • Encourage inter-generational exchange of knowledge and skills

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